2014 Newsletter


I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent you as your Town Supervisor. Since I have taken office I have found several important items that needed attention such as our personnel records of current employees and our computer system which needs to be updated. We are planning to address the computer issue in the near future to preserve our Town records and make our town more efficient. After finding out that the town had not been audited in almost 8 years, the Town Board and I decided to conduct a full town audit which is currently in progress. Currently our Town Website is being redesigned, which will be more user friendly for you, the resident.
In all it has been a busy start in the Supervisors Office, I have received help from my current Town Board members, supervisors in other towns as well as former Colden Supervisors, Marilyn Calhoun and Chuck Nuttle. I would like to publicly thank the people that have been there as I tran-sition your supervisors office into an open, transparent and friendly place to visit.
With winter behind us, I hope, I would like to thank Highway Superintendent Paul Clarkson, Eric Barkey, Mark Offhaus and Lee Wohlhueter for a job well done. During many snow events they kept our roads clear and passible so we all could get where we wanted to go safely.
As the warmer weather sets in, I hope to see more people out and about. With the Memorial Day Parade coming up I hope you will come out to pay tribute to our veterans who are no longer with us and those that are still with us. Kip Palmateer, our Town Recreation Director has a great summer program planned for the kids this year. The soccer program is in progress now so come down and watch a game and see our kids having fun.
I hope everyone has a safe summer and please enjoy your town and support your town events. If you ever need anything, you are welcome to stop by Town Hall or just give me a call at 941-5022.

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